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  1. I'm back with an update, as from May 2020, I will be playing only on GGpoker, I am impressed by the software and the range of games on offer. I will starting at 5NL for cash and $5 tourneys, aiming to work my way to a £2.5K roll between now and the end of 2021, so 18 months. I have had problems with bankroll management and a very aggressive strategy. I have had problems playing far far too high and going busto regularly. I know I'm a competent player with lots of experience, previously 3.2% ROI from 9.5k tourney, av buy in $8.50.


    新开sf传奇 I am looking to change this by blogging each week on a Wednesday. This will give a brief update on: 


    Feeling of the week out of 10

    新开sf传奇 Hands played/How many hands left

    Profit/Loss - BB's

    新开sf传奇 Action plan for following week.


    新开sf传奇 I welcome feedback and comments as I will be posting 3 hands from the weeks sessions, 1 good, 1 bad and 1 where I was not sure of what I should have done for the best (which happens to everyone) as a conversation starter really, but any advice for someone that has been where I am now would be great.


    I will be playing 4 days a week, (Friday Saturday, Sunday and Monday) probably 5 hours cash sessions and 4 tourneys.

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    新开sf传奇 I did the golden button challenge on zoom and my stack is 253.38


    新开sf传奇 this is going to be epic sunday



    toss a coin to your witcher that kills every reg
    he's a friend of humanity so give him your stack
    新开sf传奇 toss a coin to your witcher, oh valley of plenty ♫

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  2. I try to read at least 1 new book every 2-3 weeks. The books I choose are on a wide variety of topics and in a recent one about forming habits, I was introduced to a concept I was not familiar with. It’s called “Pointing and Calling” and it’s a safety procedure used mainly in Asian countries, primarily in subway and railway operations.


    Because of the noise involved in these industries, what operators found was a tremendous amount of dumb mistakes made because of problems in verbal communication being clearly heard. So a system was devised that involved not only shouting out that, for example, all doors are clear, but also a hand signal to match it as well.  Today a system of pointing and calling is used to indicate doors are clear, the speed of the train, checking signals and many other aspects where a minor mistake could lead to deadly results.


    This system does a better job of keeping the attention of conductors and other employees since it requires them to use their eyes, hands, mouth and ears. Most surprisingly what was found is that each individual did a better job communicating because instead of just saying something, they had to point at it as well, which caused them to focus even more if that were true or not.  When studies were then conducted, it was found that pointing and calling reduced mistakes by almost 85%.


    So what does this have to do with poker? Well, in October I hosted a home game and as usual I didn’t do very well. Partly that is my own fault since I play these games more for fun and throw most strategy out the window. It’s a small buy-in and I’d rather have a good time with my friends than just pound them with aggression.


    In any case, I busted the home game and while sitting there watching, fired up my laptop to get in a few tourney’s online. I only regged for two tourney’s and one I busted just short of the money. The other I started making a deep run. As all this is going on the home game wrapped up and people began to leave. However, my friend Jake decided to stay to talk and watch me play.

    Long story short, I won the tourney and as I reflected back, I realized I was super zoned in and making some great folds, some bold bluffs and getting max value in a lot of situations where I may not have normally gotten it.  Upon further reflection I realized what it was. I was talking out loud for each hand and each decision so Jake could know what I was thinking at the time…essentially I was using the point and call system.


    Remember, the beauty of the system is that it engages more than just your brain. If you’ve ever played online poker you know how easy it can be to simply start to click buttons and go into auto-pilot on a lot of decisions. But with Jake watching me, I was able to talk through those decisions and “point” to why it was I was making them.  Essentially this is what a lot of poker streamers get to do but with other pieces of noise (keeping up with chat, ensuring the tech is working, etc) it may partially cancel out the effectiveness.

    So something I’ve been trying to do a bit more is actually talk out-loud when I’m faced with a big decision. This is a form of what my friend and some-time coach likes to teach. If you’re betting for value, ask yourself, “What hands am I trying to get him to call with”? Or if bluffing, ask yourself, “What hands am I trying to get her to fold?”

    But my little addition is, don’t just ask those things in your head…actually say them out-loud WARNING:  Don’t do this at a live game! 😉  Seriously though, when playing online actually say it out-loud. What I’ve found is sometimes hearing yourself say it makes you realize, “Wow that would be really dumb to do”.  Thus like the “Point and Call” safety system you reduce the amount of errors you make…and the last time I checked that will lead to profitable play!

    As for my October grind, it was just that. Honestly I haven’t really been feeling like playing much and so unlike above, I don’t know that I’ve always made the best decisions.  The traffic and game selection on Merge (Carbon) continues to dwindle and so I put some money back on BetOnline just to keep some semblance of volume. I enjoyed the tourneys on there but again right now I’m just mentally a bit worn down so while this was yet another profitable month, it was just barely that.  Here’s the breakdown…

    121..…Tournaments Played
    45…....Cashes (37%)
    13..…. Final Tables
    6......Top 3 Finishes

    $5312.91 in total cashes (1.38% ROI)


    Now onto my Merge up-date.新开sf传奇 For those not familiar with my blog, Merge stopped allowing Pocket Fives to track scores on September 5th 2016, so what I’m doing here is tracking where I would have been had they not stopped tracking. I do play some on other networks but Merge gets out 95% of my volume so I thought it would be fun and motivating to keep things going as if though it never stopped. I use Poker Dominator to track all tourney’s so these are the most accurate and up-to-date numbers as of the last day of the month.


    Merge Lifetime Total: $574,068.62
    Career Lifetime Total: $653,233.44
    Career number of Cashes: 5053


    Follow my monthly results in real-time by following me on Twitter:

    Thanks for reading...please post a comment with your thoughts or anything you'd like me to address in future blogs.



  3. Sunday was a rough day. I started playing around 14:00, and things began quite well, a lot of deep runs, but everything busted around the 9-12th place. Very frustrating. The whole session kept going the same way, some deep runs, but always went broke when there was a “chance.” I think the frustration can build up through the day and then at the end of the day I was a bit tilted. The clock was 22:00, and I had ZERO deep runs. It’s quite annoying to notice you have zero good runs after such a long time playing, so I got a bit frustrated and the whole day felt like a waste. I was also tired because I started so early, so an unfortunate combination of being tired and a boring run.




    Tough moments are the ones which build our character, so you must try to fight your negative feelings and put them on the side. See the positive in the struggle, because these things will improve us!


    What I want to point out, it’s easy to say “control your emotions” and other crap, when you are feeling good, and you are not playing yourself, but when you are in a bad situation, it’s much harder to deal with such a situation. Outsiders can always easily judge others, so don’t be too critical to yourself, when this happens, because it’s normal. Just try to deal with tilt better than most of the people, and you will profit from it. (almost everyone deals with some TILT). In the end, poker is about being better than other people; If you can deal with stress better than 95% of the players, you are making good money. The higher you climb the percentage pool, the more money you will make compared to others. We don’t need to be perfect; we need to be better than others. Simple as that. 


    Meditation for help


    Meditation can help with the frustration a lot because you get more used to dealing with dull moments or let’s say quiet moments. Meditation has improved my patience a lot over the years. I was very impulsive earlier years (20-28 years I would say), but my tolerance is increasing every year. It’s an excellent skill for poker.

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    新开sf传奇 Hey all. I've been out of the game for a while and want to play online again. I live in Australia and when I go to deposit into PS I'm not allowed.. Any advice on how to bypass this please? TIA.

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    The Knockout Bounty Tournament is a rapidly developing form of MTT where players get bonus money for getting rid of other players.
    This tournament often runs in the following formats:
    A portion of your purchase leads to a prize pool
    The rest of your purchase is made to get a prize in your head
    Players collect all the prizes in your head when they manage to accumulate you
    The biggest prize I've ever seen is worth half of the purchase, with around 25% of the purchase as a gift as usual. So, remember that most of the money is still earned by making it to the final table.
    Because of that gift, everything gets very wild very quickly. The golden rules of the Bounty Tournament are:
    This tournament attracts many recreational players, and recreational players try too hard to take prizes.
    新开sf传奇 With that in mind, I will teach 3 strategies that will increase your level of victory in this tournament and help you understand the recreational players who play it.


    Visit also best free article spinner rewriter, .


    新开sf传奇 Strategy 1: Never bully someone you have covered

    Remember the golden rule: most players try too hard to take gifts.

    These games are naturally much looser than standard MTT. Players often call and encourage very weakly in the hope of receiving other people's gifts.

    Small piles like bloody fish in the shark tank. In the knockout prize, people crowded around small piles like hungry animals. They will raise your salary increase and call your push wide to try and get your prize.

    This means that if you are a small stack:

    People will not appreciate your theft
    People will not respect your bets
    新开sf传奇 People will not appreciate your encouragement


    Then how can we adapt as a small pile?

    Steal from other small stacks that you don't have
    Fasten, play strong hands and push with a top pair or better to value against the person who is hunting your prize
    Don't let yourself become a small pile through stupid initial tournament games

    Strategy 2: Play for the final table, prizes are a bonus

    新开sf传奇 Remember the last tip - everyone tries too hard to get a prize. They often risk their shots to get a simple prize. For this reason, you see many people pushing early. If you play a strong and disciplined game, you can often make money without winning too many pots.

    If you play an intelligent MTT strategy and do deep ones, you will eliminate players. You get the prize, but in this way you don't take the risk to make the final table carelessly.

    Here are the benefits of making bubbles with healthy stacks:

    You have good folding equity with your bets and theft, so:
    You can steal endlessly by threatening to destroy smaller stacks, giving yourself a better position in money. With bigger stacks:
    You cover more players, so naturally take more prizes.

    新开sf传奇 It is a win-win. Don't waste your stack early to get a prize, when making the final table worth 15 prizes. You will take gifts along the way

    新开sf传奇 Finally, once you get to the final table, remember that the first place is far more valuable than any prize. Earlier in the tournament, prizes were worth far more relative to the winnings you expected for the tournament. Later in the tournament, the difference between places 7 and 6 might be worth 10 prize money. So it's not worth throwing away chip leads for risky prizes.

    Play close to the standard MTT game at the final table.


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    新开sf传奇 Hello, Pocket 5's recently changed their system and now only adds results of tournaments with 100 entries or more and they removed over 100k worth of tournament earnings from my profile, as I play mostly omaha and plo8/nlo8 where there are almost 80% of tournaments with less than 100 players this site is no longer viable in tracking my stats so please keep that in mind when you view my profile, a horrible move by pockets 5's staff, this is now the " Pocket 5's now limit holdem leaderboards " not the real poker leaderboards, 

  5. 新开sf传奇 On last Sunday of January this happened and it was so sweet !




    Its been a long long time since I had a nice big score in a single freeroll tournament.Poker being “Fun”& G@mes!Brings me to the time when I use to play playmoney poker for a year for fun and accumulated millions of play chips before I decided to play real money games.If isn’t fun and theres no passion I wont stick around .I also bought a gaming laptop recently to play pc games because its fun(prolly got influenced by twitch and also remembering as a kid when I use to play on sega mega drive,Atari etc),but only play when I have spare time and am bored,so thats rarely(no passion to be a gamer on twitch or otherwise).






    Sunday 3kfreeroll win.png

  6. 新开sf传奇It's good to be back on US soil after two months in Europe. I absolutely love everything about Europe, but nearing the end of my journey I started to get exhausted from the travel. It's always good to get back home and take a short break to regroup and get the mind and body feeling good again.

    For the past week of being home, I have been considering my exit from poker. Each day I come up with something new. But today I am questioning why I am questioning my future. I've determined that there is something about being in my hometown that makes me feel like I have to do what everyone is doing (get a "real" job, buy a house, find a wife, have kids, ect...).

    However, the past couple of days I have the fire lit under me again. I'm ready to compete, and put all my hard work to the test. Poker has been the one thing over the past 15 years that I haven't given up. I have spent thousands of hours studying this game and thousands of hours playing this game. Constantly, I am learning and thinking about how I can play hands/spots better and exploit my opponents.

    The passion is still there. I absolutely love poker. I still strive to be the best. I still love the competition.

    People laughed behind my back when they found out that I was playing poker for a living. They will never understand. I hope they continue to doubt me, because it's one of the main reasons I am able to succeeded. I find it sad that people waste their energy rooting against me and waiting for me to fail instead of finding ways to change their life for the better, but to each their own. Most people have given up on their dream, I have not.

    新开sf传奇 If I come off a bit arrogant sometimes, it's because I worked really hard for this. I typically put in 80 hours a week in some form, just to make sure I have enough money for the month to pay the bills. I didn't have natural talent like so many of the successful poker players. I had to work really hard for this. I am proud of my success and will continue to strive for more.

    新开sf传奇 My goals haven't change even though my surroundings are trying to talk me into change. I will be a champion. I will win World Series of Poker Rings. I will win a major tournament. I will continue to travel to the world while fulfilling my dream. But even if I don't get those things, I will never give up on this dream!

    You can not stop me!

    If you are unhappy with your current situation, here are a few things I hope will help.

    Don't let the people closet to you scare you away from what you are doing. They don't understand what you are trying to accomplish and so often they try to talk you out of something because they themselves were never able to take a risk and even attempt to accomplish their goals.

    Stay focused.新开sf传奇 This is what you want. There are going to be moments of pain. It will not be easy. You will not get to the end goal if you're distracted. You have to work on your goal everyday. If you truly want it, there is no reason to take a day off. Don't take baby steps, take leaps. But understand that even with taking leaps, this goal will take time. be prepared for the long haul

    If the main fear for accomplishing your goal is the financial burden, find ways to simplify your life.新开sf传奇 Don't buy the $7 Starbucks everyday. Get rid of subscription services like Netflix (it's going to distract you from your goal anyways). Sell your vehicle. Live in a cheaper apartment/house or live free and travel around from different cheap AirBnb's. Move to a cheaper country. If you work digitally, you can live in places like Thailand for under $500 a month.

    新开sf传奇 People will judge you. As soon as you start reaching for something that seems unobtainable to others, they will judge you. They will wait for you to fail. Use this as motivation and tell yourself, "I must succeed".

    But Chris, It's easy for you to say...

    Just stop. There is a way. It's easy to come up with excuses why you can't do something. That's what 99% of people do and that's why they get stuck working some job they hate with no life fulfillment. You are different. You're the 1% that will find a way.


    新开sf传奇 Don't make it all about money. I hate the cliche, but it's true, money will not make you happy. You need to find something that you truly enjoy. If you make $20,000 a year from it or $200,000 a year from it, it shouldn't matter. Remember, this is what you want. The financial aspect is just the payoff for your passion.

    新开sf传奇 Chris 'Professional Homeless Poker Player' Perkins

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    新开sf传奇In the long run, yes.

    新开sf传奇 In the short term, skills increase your chances of winning but do not guarantee it.

    There are many types of poker and they all require similar skills, but there are major differences in how different games work. For example, in Omaha, you get 4 closed cards, versus 2 in Texas Hold'em, so your range of potential winning hands is much higher, just like the others. Even in Hold'em, the limit plays much less than the limit, and the strategies between them differ radically.

    The basic skills of poker begin with knowing which hands are worth playing and become more complicated when you start looking at your chances of getting the best hand. players, and also how to generate the most shares when you have the best hand - if you scare others by folding them against your unbeatable hand, you will not earn as much money.

    新开sf传奇 I played online for extra money a long time ago. Online poker is very different from what it was at the time - players have progressed tremendously since the "old" days. It takes a lot more skill to win online than in the past. The low limit live games are probably still pretty easy.

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    Hey Everyone!! You can check out our website at binknation.com! I hope you all enjoy our show! Details coming SOON on a new way to catch Cooltart and me, Bane Jah, on the hottest new show, Bink Nation! #DoYouEvenBinkBro?!? We Bring you the latest news from the poker world, online and live, we review poker movies, gambling style movies, how many binks do YOU give it?? DO NOT MISS IT!! We cant wait to hear from you! You also can follow the Instagram account at @bink_nation! #BinkNation Now, don't forget to head to the website, binknation.com and sign up for the emails! Next, head over to twitch.tv/banejahmeen and hit that follow button to join me LIVE as I wreck the online poker world...or get wrecked...but I GUARANTEE one will happen and we will have a great time!! Thank you all and #BinkLife!

  7. 1. Stop reading shitty blogs

    新开sf传奇 2. Report shitty blog to mods

    新开sf传奇 3. Regret reporting shitty blog , afterall all blogs are shitty and what the f do I read now?

    4. Stop concentrating on shitty blogs and actually get a resolution list going

    5. AKo is not infallible, realise that it can lose and the old guy calling with Qd8d is sometimes going to get there, serenity now.

    6. Start a band made up of poker players from Australia , afterall the draconian no online poker laws are not going away any time soon, so what else do we have to do?

    7. Admit that I don't know wtf I am doing and then take advantage of free videos from 1985 to spice up and tighten up my game

    新开sf传奇 8. Get a bankroll together by selling all my no.1 issues of house cleaning monthly,buy a google watch, take advantage of the email I got asking to buy all my bitcoins for a cool $75 each(do this quickly before they realise how inflated their offer is) Use the same email link to transfer 80% of each bank account to an offshore site so they can set up a player account for me which allows me to play from Australia but register as playing from Europe

    9. Advise all my friends and relatives to do the same,and if anyone is reading this feel free to do the same I can send you the link once I get the technician to unlock my computer because someone was trying to infiltrate my system and the company I am using for all the transfers were able to catch them for me and are in the process of correcting it as soon as the fee is paid,shouldn't take too long , but basically just go online and ask for people who can tranfer your money for you and set up a safe/false identity

    10. Make bank

    新开sf传奇 It's going to be a good new year because this time I am prepared for the year . rather than waiting for the cliche New Years Eve "soft promise" to change my ways and do things better. My plans are already in progress, hell I may as well become a financial advisor on the side for extra money after all the stuff I've been taught by Hugo the money man over the past week.

    新开sf传奇 Wishing all the poker world and all industries related to this wonderful game all the best for the New Year. Let's work together to help the game prosper , basically as players we can try something wild like talking at the table and using word play for tells and information, I understand this used to be called "playing poker" and in turn this will make the promoters,producers and news sources jobs that little bit more easy by making the content more attractive to the general public. Going down in flames because doofus want to talk about 3% edges and how wonderful he/she is makes no sense to anyones bottomline.

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    There was a brief moment at the Cherokee WSOPc where I got to really experience the excitement of being at a major event with friends.* Coming out of a break I darted over to 1dullgeek's table to check on his stack,* he was sitting on about 150k in chips in the 8 max event while I had amassed 43k in a very soft plo8 field.* After a brief discussion we ended with a fist bump and a lets do this.* The rush of knowing we both were one double from serious contention in fields with nice prize pools was intense and invigorating.*

    Then just as fast as it began it was over for me.* *About 25 min into the next set of levels, I missed on a freeroll for a scoop,* lost to a short stack all in with AK27s and then got in good for my tourney life only to lose to runner runner wheel against A225.* I busted 8 from the money in one of my favorite tourney formats, and I was crushed.* 1dullgeek managed to last much longer but ran into a similar fate, after flopping a set and losing to a 2 outer river followed by getting kings all in against A-10 only to see the ace spike the flop.

    I remembered telling my wife it was going to be a long trip home,* but to my surprise it wasn't.* *As I started the 9.5 hour trek home,* I fired up some poker podcasts, mainly to take my mind off things.* For the first few I honestly was not even listening much to the content,* the particular podcast I was listening to was geared at beginning players,* and I really was just using it for background noise.* I began to think about what I always see and feel when i go to a WSOPc..* I always think to myself that "I am good enough to win one of those events".* *Honestly I don't believe that to be hyperbole.* I really do feel that way, and am confident that is the case.

    新开sf传奇 The problem though, is one common to poker players.* It is confusing potential with expectation.* A simple explanation of the problem comes with pocket aces.* We have the potential to win with aces between 80-92% of the time, but our expectation is that we should win with them 100% of the time.* So often we enter fields that we know we have the potential to win, but then leap to expecting to win them.* Now there is nothing wrong in confidence or believing in yourself,* where the problem lies is when we merely satisfied with having "potential" to win, and we stop pushing to improve that potential.* This was roughly my 30th WSOPc event.* I have 3 final tables,* 7 or so cashes,* and 1 chop.* Why have I not taken one down if I have the potential to win one outright?*

    新开sf传奇 Well the obvious answer is 30 is a ridiculously small sample size, and the 3 final tables, 7 cashes and 1 chop say nothing about whether my ability is good or bad, I could just have run really well.* Coming home on the drive though I started to wrestle with a question.* As I look at the elite players online and live, what is the gap between them and me?* I started to look at some of the obvious shortcomings... Bankroll,* some of these guys can fire 4 bullets in a tourney and not even flinch with their bankrolls,* this is an obvious advantage.* *Friends,* some of these guys are parts of 10-12 people crews who study together,* coach each other, train competitively...* *Health.* Fitness is all the rage in poker these days, and while there are definitely successful players who don't have fit in their vocabulary, the advantages of being healthy and full of the right energy necessary to sustain 12 hours of play in a day cannot be denied.* Experience,* I don't care who you are the first few final tables of any major tourney series can be tense.* The more you do it the more comfortable you get.* *

    Talent....* *Wait a minute I am talented...* I have over 300k in online earnings, I already mentioned 3 WSOPc final tables!* Some people don't have one...* I have final tabled the sunday storm on poker stars... I am a MOSS Champion(this is all sarcasm in case you don't have a meter).* *I do have talent, but what happens to so many players is they decide talent is enough, they decide potential is enough, and they stop getting better.**

    The truth is I did not get much studying done in November,* now there were some very practical reasons for this, it wasn't just deciding I was going to grind myself into the ground and ignore study.* I did still take occasional periods aside to contemplate poker theory and strategy,* but I put extra time into building my stream, and into getting prepped for vacation that took away from study time in November.* I knew coming back in December I was going to be doing more studying,* but it was the second half of the trip that changed everything for me.

    As I switched to a poker podcast with more advanced strategy,* I started hearing the buzz words that had me so excited about study in September and October.* I started remembering the fun of getting into detailed hand reading analysis,* how much fun it can be to interpret blockers and bet sizing,* how to really become exploitative when your heads up with certain opponent types.* *I began to think about how many hours in the last 6 weeks I played sub-optimally because I was on auto pilot, or I wasn't truly engaged to hands.* It's not like I didn't make money in the last 2 months, but with every successive podcast the whole picture started coming together.* I want my potential and my expectations to align, and I don't want to settle with "having the potential to win" I want to have the best potential to win of anyone I am up against.* Those are two different things.**

    新开sf传奇 Now to be fair, that is an absurd declaration to make in any field.* In reality most tourneys probably have several elite players who are separated by very very tiny edges that couldn't possibly be measured, and any one of them could out play another on any given day.* Yet how many poker players cannot even reach that elite status because once they become good, they are satisfied.* Once they are no longer dead money, they have achieved their own personal elite status, and the focus shifts from getting better to cutting their teeth and proving they belong.* I am always vulnerable to this because of my competitive nature and my passionate drive,* but it is time that I turn those weaknesses into strengths and channel them into study.* Not just studying poker in general, but getting on the cutting edge of poker study and getting ahead of the curve.* Being willing to take risks on trying new things and becoming a part of what evolves poker instead of always keeping up with the latest trends.

    Prior to Black Friday there was an 8$ rebuy on poker stars that I managed to chop on 2 different occasions.* At the time I was into writing and I remember writing an article about things I learned in poker, that actually got acknowledged and nominated for an award.* There was one particular part of the article that got criticized though.* It was regarding being outside the box.* I talked about how I had shifted to min raising in the mid-late stages of tournament play,* because I was seeing no difference in fold equity(I was actually getting lots of fold equity to min raises back then)* and thus there was no point to raising to 3x given the amount of times I was opening in this tourney.* *People pitched a huge fit talking about how ridiculous it was to raise anything less then 3x pre-flop, and how bad of a play it was.**Fast forward several years and we can laugh about this, as 2-2.2x raises pre-flop are practically standard now.* *

    新开sf传奇 When I busted that WSOPc,* I felt awful, I felt like a huge opportunity was lost, and I felt like I had failed,* but coming home I realized that this may have been the highest EV result possible.* I am coming home now with the dream more real to me then ever before,* I want to get back there, and I want to do it with ample bankroll, ample bullets, and with a potential that is as close to it's ceiling as possible.* *I am coming home now with a healthy view of what it takes to be elite and the desire and commitment to make it happen.* As a result* I am setting a goal of streaming 12 study sessions in December.* Most will be during the day, and while I realize not everyone can watch during the day, VODs and you-tube are things of beauty.* I feel that this will allow my awesome followers and my friends to hold me accountable.* All my goals for December are going to be study based,* I am making 0 volume or profit goals.* *I truly believe with this approach, the results will speak for themselves....

    You can watch these study sessions and more by following the PokerPastor at twitch.tv/PokerPastor

  8. 新开sf传奇Full Disclosure... I went through a messy divorce this past year, lost my father and grandfather all in the same time period. My bankroll suffered indirectly. My play wasn't up to par , mixed with a downswing , and playing above my bankroll just lead to disastrous results. Now I could sit around and say boo hoo look at me , But I grinded through and came out stronger because of it. I made adjustments in my life and got focused. I feel better and got out of a toxic situation. My health is better, I eat better and I have more fun. When it came to poker, I used discipline and sought new motivation for my game. My game was more self centered before but now I realize that long term, I am doing this for my 2 little boys. I plan to pay my mortgage, so they will always have a home , and pay for their college or trades in life one day through these earnings. My career is still a priority, but in today's world one salary is not enough and poker is my supplemental career. When I talk about my kids , poker and work, people always say... "I don't know how you do it". The answer is simple though. It's about discipline. Having kids, while pursuing a dream is a hard endeavor. Below I listed some tips on how to succeed in the Dad/ Poker world. ( This goes for Moms as well)

    1.) Kids come first - this needs to be number one. You need to put your kids first. This means attending their soccer practices, back to school nights , birthday parties etc. We only have so much time in our lives and we need to help these little guys/gals out. If your putting a card game ahead of your kids schedule then its never going to work. And before you say " well I need to make this money to help them" ... Watch the Eric Seidel pokerography. His kids are interviewed and say he never missed a high school sports game a day in their lives. Eric is one of the top players in the world and he can do it.

    新开sf传奇 2.) Eat Better / Exercise More - If you are like me, and your work full time, and play almost full time , then your health is going to take a toll. Kids in general will make you sleep less. I have found though by eating better and making exercise a part of your daily routine , I have more energy and can sleep less and still feel more energetic. This is a huge challenge for a lot of people. My recommendation is making prop bets to get started ( I currently have a bounty on my head, if people catch me eating certain carb foods on certain days I have to pay them cash ) Money motivates us and this helps. On days I can't go to the gym , I run around the back yard with my kids, play soccer with them, jump on the trampoline or work out in my basement. Involve your kids in your exercise and you accomplish 2 things in once. Family time and Exercise.

    新开sf传奇 3.) Wait til the kids are asleep... this is huge. Trying to play while your kids are running around , screaming , breaking stuff or making a mess is going to be a disaster. I do not start playing at night until my kids go to bed. It allows me to focus more and actually unwind for the day. Trying to watch your kids and play just doesn't work. Make a set bed time every night and stick to it.

    4.)Time management .. laying clothes out, pre packing ... Creating time to play is a must. This means when the kids are coloring, doing homework or watching TV, I am making lunches , laying out clothes for the next day, checking book bags etc. By pre planning and getting things set up for the rest of the week , you will create more time to play . So when you start playing online , you don't have to worry about something you forgot to do for their school the next day. Create more time by becoming more organized.

    5.) Naps ... This is the ultimate secret. When my kids nap, I nap. A good 25 min power nap will do wonders for your health and well being. There is a lot of good studies out there that say the same thing. Learn to squeeze in a good nap. Put down your phone, turn off the TV and just learn to nap or relax. Sometimes I will get 2 - 15- 20 min naps in a day and pays off wonderfully when putting in some late nights on the felt.

    Dad life is hard. Work Harder!

  9. 新开sf传奇"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is a phrase I have heard a few dozen times in my life from various individuals crossing my path. Crossing the poker table though? A similar statement is usually coming from a man well into is 70's, rendering the opposite "Huh, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks" as they slowly rake in a pot.

    When playing a hand in poker, win or lose, if you're serious about the game, often times you'll look at how you could have improved. Did you make the right decision from a mathematical standpoint? Maybe there is something you could have done better to maximize your value? Naturally, in the art of progression, you learn from unlocking that knowledge, and move on in your career as a better player (even if only in that one spot).

    "Clogging leaks" to poker players is the art of fixing bad decisions of the past, in preparation for future times where they will face similar choices. This is one of many takeaways from poker you can apply to your life in an effort to better your day-to-day. It seems more logical that the game of poker mirrors life in the sense that it gives constant examples of people that don't continuously make the same mistakes over and over, rather than being an exception to the rule that bad decisions are an unfortunate inevitability to anyone making a single error in judgement. It is my belief that this could easily tie back into teaching old dogs new tricks, as well as past mistake makers not being deemed for eternity to continue the same patterns.

    It is said that the probability of a former prison inmate returning to prison is somewhere around 80%. Beyond a side rant about the system not working...wouldn't one assume the downswing of being behind bars (if the system worked) would be enough to sway someone to clog that leak in their game? I sometimes wonder if poker had been introduced nationwide, to learn at a high level, if these statistics would still be the same. Maybe the average individual would be more aware of the fact that they don't have to be that negative statistic?

    Probability is something we face in poker with every hand. Mastering the fact that you are at the mercy of mathematics, and knowing that all you can do is put yourself in the best position to win, are both key elements in getting better at the game of poker. This too can transfer to the game of life.

    新开sf传奇 Many people have the idea that whenever they finally happen to win the lottery, their life would be whole. Alas! I have seen many examples of money not buying happiness. Financial hurdles are the biggest to jump through as we speak, but any success in that field, or any other for that matter, should not be relied on for happiness. It should become a compliment to a life in which you have found a sense of peace with all potential outcomes...including the lows, not just the highs!

    新开sf传奇 Learning not to over-invest emotion into the game during the highs and lows was another "breakthrough" if you will. Things are great when we are winning, and terrible when we are losing, right? Perhaps instead of lower stakes to lower emotions a bit, maybe the dynamic is what is hurting the process. It is easier in poker to tilt off more money if I am already on the downward spiral, and in turn that causes my overall value to be much lower. In life it is easy to make things worse in forgettable, regrettable, and almost petty spots that in turn causes the overall value of life to be much lower.

    I recall after playing online during a Sunday grind I was a bit frustrated about another Sunday full of close calls and high emotions. Online legend and hometown hero of our shared, sometimes despised residence of Sioux City, IA, William Reynolds, told me in response "We can't discredit our effort by our results. That takes away from the mindset that we did everything we could have today to put ourselves in the best position to win". A lot of what Will has told me lifetime has stuck with me. I have tried to absorb what ever his astonishing, and at times unorthodox mind projects, but this was pretty much a mini-epiphany.

    新开sf传奇 Pictured is a photo from 2011 of Will and a much heavier me at Red Rock. This day was a prime example of Mr. Reynolds' desire to reach the top no matter the mountain being climbed, and was also one of the first legitimate steps in me moving to better my mind, my body, and myself.

    新开sf传奇 One thing that would surely be an infinite, renewable power source if we could figure out how to harness it would be undervalued effort. Underappreciated effort. The constant examples of work put in by everyday individuals that goes unnoticed seems to rival the number of sand grains on Earth. You have to hang your hat more on the fact that you know you are going to be better tomorrow based on the effort put forth today.

    Always doing things with certainty is certainly the best path! How are you going to win if you never think you can? What was that Henry Ford quote? "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you're right" ...That's the one!

    Confidence, not cockiness. Knowing you are going to make the best moves, the best play, the best effort. Leave it all on the court, floor, ice, street, or table. If you are not putting yourself in a winning mindset, you'll only be left with bad beat stories and excuses to what could have been. You will stumble and come up short with that mindset of course more times than not (math says so), but you must continue the progressing attitude that keeps you moving forward to find the times where you come out on top.

    Humbling yourself must go hand in hand with confidence. Maybe you hit a big score in a Sunday Major, and get a bit too over confident on the next Sunday loading that same table. You find out quickly that last week's tournament has nothing to do with this week's. The only thing you can take from any length of time is the information that particular moment provided. You can only bring a better version of you to battle next time with newly harnessed information at your fingertips. You should be better for it as a person, and as a player of whatever game you are in.

    I am not sure if any of this translates to anyone, or if it made sense to anyone else besides myself. I do know my overall poker experience lifetime has been a perfect example of a potentially harmonious life. I have learned so many things from the game and met so many faces with so many different backgrounds. For a degenerate hobby portrayed stereo-typically in back rooms and ending in gunpoint standoffs, I'd say it is a pretty beautiful game! It has taught me so much, and I have met so many amazing people just by splashing pots with them.

    Thank you poker. For teaching me things I probably would have never known about the beating hearts living life, giving effort, and playing the game right along with me!

  10. Latest Entry

    gola is to build bankroll to 10,000 before 2018

    current roll 0.00

    next tournament playing 11 am 7-19-17 200 dollar deepstack freroll on 888nj

    ty all

  11. 新开sf传奇Hi poker community,

    新开sf传奇 Reaching out to find out when enough's enough. I've been playing and studying poker for 13 years, and I am a poor man as the result. I've been stuck playing baby buy ins my entire career, because I can't break through. All of my poker friends and acquaintances have had some sort of significant success while I am dragged down by the fish. I'm contemplating life, and how much I feel I'm wasting away trying to succeed playing the game I hate at all times. Every opportunity for me to have a chance at something ends up in disaster. Over the years, I think and talk about poker tricking myself like I have some sort of grasp on the game as I watch my friends build their bankrolls. Mine is depleted for the 10th time. I'm currently down because I just played a dinky $6 satellite with one seat awarded to the million dollar guarantee on ACR in September. There was a consolation prize of $72. I made the final table and got to 4 handed with 380,000 at 4k/8k with the next closest player having 100k. I was positive that with a stack like that, like I always see, the cards would go my way while I played my best. But once we got 4 handed, I proceeded to lose EVERY SINGLE HAND until I was eliminated. The other 3 players had been playing extremely terribly during the rest of the tournament. The player on my right was down to 1 BB with 10 players left and hadn't played a hand AT ALL for almost an hour. Then he starts sticking it in every hand with trash and hits everything. The hand that started my fall was when said player raised the btn to 23k. I moved all in from the SB with K9hh knowing that he could be raising with a monster in that spot hoping to induce, but, his play style wasn't weighted that way. I figured he'd fold all of his marginal hands as if he had intended to get it in, he would just shove his hands to keep his FE. however, after raising and facing my all in bet, he calls it off with the A2o and flops an A. WHY? Why isn't he just shoving there? I'll tell you why. Because he's a fucken donkey. Then, why is he calling? I'll tell you why. He's calling because the thought in his head either "whatever, I don't care" or "I has an ace!". That's who I'm fucking losing to day in and day out. The next hand, I'm dealt 55 on the btn, and shove and the BB wakes up with JJ and cripples me. The blinds hit me, and on the next orbit, I shove A6s from the SB for my last 9 bigs and get called by the BB who has 11 BB's and has been snug while he's holding K8o. Naturaly, his K hits the turn and eliminates me. After, I'm ready to end it all, poker and life. I feel sick, over a fucking $6 satty I thought I had locked up. I have a successful business and a stunningly intelligent and gorgeous fiancee, and I want to kill myself because I can't win a $6 satty having had a major CL 4 handed. I'm trying to earn extra money for us, and I figure at some point, my game would turn around based on my skill and understanding of the game. But both of those things are meaningless when my opponents get everything they need when it counts to beat me. This scenario hasn't stopped for me EVER. My hands don't hold, I can't get folds when I'm supposed to, my bluffs never work. I've bubbled 5 times as many tournaments as I've cashed, and I know for a fact that when I get it in in those spots, I'm rarely in bad shape, and almost always, dominating. The players who call me are the worst players at my table. Something makes them decide at that moment, to gamble, completely abandon any logical thought, and spin the poker wheel. They always win.

    My finacee sadly has to deal with my horrible mood all the time. I have made her watch while I play, so I have a witness to the horror. She has watched on countless occasions while I find that fish and get him to stick it in while I have the goods only to watch him runner runner me, suck out with his 2 outer on the river, or straight up flop me dead with garbage. As much as I've learned, I watch the same players win massive tournaments, watching their KK hold against Ax, then flopping set over set, then making the nut flush, and WINNING. While I'm losing to Borgata Jack when he defends his BB with 72o for funsies, then donk shoves against my AA and back doors his straight. I watch my AA get cracked by the BB shoving over my btn raise with his QQ and spiking. I watch my AA get cracked when the BB decides to defend 63hh, flop a FD, and call my 20 BB shove and runner runner's his straight. If I don't get folds, I lose, plain and simple, and for some reason, people love not folding their trash.

    新开sf传奇 I CAN'T WIN. It's complete BS when all you successful players out there talk about your thought processes about how to play your hands when you can't lose. If you're unlucky, it doesn't matter how well you play. For all of you who say you can avoid being unlucky by playing well and that those of us who think poker is all about luck have much to learn, screw yourself. You are lucky, the cards go your way when you need them to and that's why you've won. You make a hero call here or there, you get a bluff through. But when you need it to work out for you, it has. And here I am, feeding the fish because nothing works out for me....for 13 years.

    新开sf传奇 I want to be successful at poker. I want my $ back that it has taken from me. I want to punish the players I'm supposed to punish. I want to be a poker beast, and have always wanted that. I make a great move against a fish and lose and get criticized by "better players", and watch the players who win have their praises sung for making such a good move when it works out for them in the same scenarios, same thoughts. I'm sick of seeing the top pros win and win and win. I watch them play. They're lucky. Their hands hold. That's the only difference between them and me. They win and I lose, that's the only difference.

    新开sf传奇 My conclusion about poker is that you can study all you want, play all you can, but if you're unlucky, that's the bottom line. I should have such an easy life at this point from poker. But even with all I have, I feel worthless. And if you say "just keep getting in those spots and eventually it will go your way", straight up suck it. I don't know how many more spots I can get it in good. Poker sucks. I wish I had never learned about it.

  12. 新开sf传奇07/13/2017: 100 session challenge to me.

    Bankroll: 1,500 starting value.

    Goal in 100 sessions to build to 3,000 minimum playing 4/8 limit and 8/16 limit mixed with small 30 dollar and 50 dollar weekly tournaments.

    新开sf传奇 Track all sessions with excel and keep detailed records of all sessions and players I encounter.

    新开sf传奇 Post updates at least weekly if not two times a week.

    See where it goes and where it ends up. This is a fun hobby thing and something I will do for enjoyment and learning.

    Good luck to me.

  13. Poker-techniques and methods:

    A simple Mental approach to Coaching.

    "I wish I could play today as I played that day"


    a)- The Win- Be winning doesn't mean that you're playing well.

    b)- The Control - You can't control the cards but you can control the form of play.

    c)- The Illusion - Your mind can make you believe that you’re playing well, or poorly, which may not be real.

    Second, Jared Tendler (Mental Coaching) that considers to be four levels of learning, that he call ALM (Adult Learning Model): Unconscious, Conscious, Incompetence and Competence, Jared puts these principles in a Johari window which uses psychology to help the individual and enhance your relationship with him and with others. (Open-Closed-Secret-Hidden).

    新开sf传奇 The Poker Player is always in action, moving, playing, with the "thought", the "emotions" and "decision making". These three are the factors that a poker player needs to know about itself, these are strengths or vulnerabilities of any sport, as well as of any profession.

    Jared also offers a model process for working with the player (PPREA) and refer also that the emotions of Poker players are always between the Doubt, Anxiety, Fear and can pass to Phobia. The basic emotions are joy, disgust, fear, sadness and anger新开sf传奇, and are universal and they all affect the decision.

    About your mental game, (involves what you think, what you feel and what decides) not always these three factors are United or appropriate at the moment (but because I make that call?) There are three key points that are needed to recognize:

    1) the ability to recognize the variance.

    2) the ability to recognize your technique.

    3) the ability to recognize the technique of your opponent (s).

    The pressure given on a material, (in the case of Poker players are in constant pressure) depends on the pressure exerted on the body and the material's response to that same pressure. and so is for actions that involve decision-making. The term Resilience is born of a concept where metallurgy materials go back to your original form after a certain pressure exerted on them (e.g. the rubber band back to your original shape after being stretched). So, it can recover more quickly and be able to maintain stable and so it is for human beings and for Poker. The Tilt is an emotional reaction to a determines pressure (negative), the opposite is the Euphoria that leads many players playing so deficient in virtue of having received what might be called positive pressure, strengthening, however with time will be influenced by the pressure of having to continue to win. What will create the illusion that you can't lose to a "fish" or who can win every hand.

    The Resilience of a player builds up not only with his life, but there are studies indicators of these capabilities may be more developed in some personality types that others (see "children of Haiti").

    However, the cognitive approaches can gladly develop aspects and fear reduction techniques and correct development of confidence and self-observation, introspective, very useful for professional players. Well with the motivation. on the question of motivation, understand that motivate is not to say, "you can do it", because that doesn't make sense because we don't know, we want to be able to, but we don't know if it's going to be. We can remember the joke of "stuttering talks ...! and he said to stutter the lame dropped "the lame wanted to walk and when he threw his crutches away, fell, because you said that he was capable of.

    The real question about motivation is if the person knows how, when and what you can do (Pot Odds, implied Odds, bet value, equity, …). the confidence born from the reason and not the from illusion. So, learn, read, management is a good planning and organization to know what you are doing.

    "Are you motivated? "I’m, today I'm with a great feeling " If you’re losing bigger will be down and the longer it will take to recover. A coaching would quickly a call to reality and say focus on "feeling " but don't forget that you're not going to play alone (that's his profession). It can be display optimized that confidence levels can and should be used, but then the spending euphoria is a moment, just a fuse, and then automatically loses the rationality. (that's his profession).

    新开sf传奇 In the corridors between hands what we hear, most of the time, are the players count their bad beats. their stories. but are they really had a feedback and learn about it, some seek an opinion, but not to talk about their emotions "don't be a weak man, because men don’t cry", but the opinion was about something that happened and the probability of that hand to repeat in the same circumstances are tiny, so what is?

    新开sf传奇 If we know that the future actions are determined by other variables that the player does not consider, what was your position? everyone knows that answer, but where were sitting on the table? Place 1? 10? 6? had players who were in action on that field of your vision? you know that the brain makes different readings varying where you are watching? How many players saw? as they were sitting, the room was the same? (...). And, what kind of players a have on my table?

    新开sf传奇 So, what can the mental coaching do for you? Develop techniques and capabilities you consistently and linear. You're not just losing because you play badly, there's circumstances you don't control but you can learn to deal constructively and objectively with them.

    Today poker won it’s a much larger dimension that just: Ah! It was a bad beat, or a cooler (? and how do you feel? how many times do you think of that? or are you on a downswing. For all now everybody is uses the expression that you are on a downswing, and that can be a month or even last for years (I think that's called depend on luck or bad luck) which makes no sense, no, because there is no professional in your area to last if I stand by that crisis, if you're not selling anything or not you show up customers Nothing's going to happen if he does nothing. He needs it to live, is a Poker player, (Not a gambler) and they have to realize that there may be things to do, Learning, Strategies, Planning, Motivation and Confidence.

    新开sf传奇 "If you have a store up the street and you don't have customers to buy your products, you wait?" thus becomes effective build a realistic plan and it is here that the mental coaching in conjunction with the player, build a vision of the whole and plan strategies together, about what you think, how you feel and what you're thinking. How are you going to do? What are the alternatives. Many of the players depend on the luck of being winning to maintain levels to which they call it confidence. But is it reliable? And last?

    What isn’t Mental coaching? Mental coaching isn’t to teach to play Poker or to tell you how to play that hand, or managing a bankroll. But the skill and knowledge of coaching in all these fields can be very useful and even identification is very important, as well as the empathy most relationship processes do not work because of the lack of empathy that is also understanding.

    Poker, grew up, has already surpassed the stage of innocence and is much more than a simple call and all-in or know the rules or "can be hit". Requires in-term a good resilience. among much study, practice and a great self-awareness.

    On the myth of emotions in Poker we will speak in another session or one day.

    Mental coaching look for poker, for your poker, and work with a coaching is not just say "Goooooo" “unlucky” and GG or GL, or we're all going to be on the rail for you, it’s okay but … . Mental coaching looks at a whole (lifestyle, individual, group, actions, thoughts). Gives you the ability to be you.

    Einstein said the Borh Solvey Congress in 1930, "God does not play dice" and because of this the science has never been the same.

    Just like in Poker there are Deterministic and Probabilistic.

    PS: I’m not sailing nothing this is just homework.

    新开sf传奇 some personal references from the works of Jared Tendler.

    (it is prohibited to reproduce or replicate this text) Alvaro Carvalho.

    ADC, 2015

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    Recent Entries

    This afternoon I did the unthinkable. I traded my T$ for cash and then withdrew all of my remaining cash from my Pokerstars account.

    新开sf传奇 I have played on the site since 2005, with estimated winnings in excess of $100,000 in close to 8,000 tournaments. I have earned close to $15,000 in profit over the years.

    Recently, I have found that for someone who works, tournaments with 2 hour or longer buy ins did not work. I did not have 4 to 10 hours of time to play a tournament.

    Star Coins, and the total disintegration of the rewards program ended my play. The new program is even worse.

    I take issue with rewards and loyalty programs being based on luck and randomized prizes. Poker players control random events by making good decisions. Pokerstars now rewards luck and chance.

    新开sf传奇 Please withdraw all funds from your account, and send Pokerstars a message when you do telling them that "Skylardog told me to close my account."



  14. 新开sf传奇Good morning and Happy Friday.... Well maybe not morning maybe not Friday but that's where I am right now :-)

    新开sf传奇 So I have not found time to work on Razz. A shit ton of life changing is happening right now and it excites and scares me.

    I will be finding more time to work on my Razz goal. I did receive my vegas money from Black Chip.

    I know my purpose in life and where my true passion is... Started splitting my days into two days,

    5 hours of sleep 7-8 work 5 hours of sleep 7-8 hours of work so now I get to have two days every day.

    Feeling Good and Feeling Strong!

    Conan: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

    新开sf传奇 Very Successful: Making my own trail.

  15. Recently I have been asked by a few poker friends, “how do you keep your win rate in the Big Blind so low?” Due to the frequency of this question I have decided to write this article focusing on the Big Blind play. In this text, we will discuss how someone should approach the position with the many variables that come into play.

    Playing out of the Big Blind is one of the most common scenarios in poker. It’s curious then that so few players pay attention to it or study the position.

    新开sf传奇 I’m not going to lie: Once I was like that as well. I tried to play as little as possible out of position because it’s harder to make money out of position than in position. Most other poker players I spoke to agree with this sentiment.

    However, recently I’ve learned from my coach Alexander Fitzgerald that focusing on the Big Blind is what makes you a more consistent player.

    Our goal when playing in the Big Blind is not to generate profit; it’s simply impossible in today’s game. No, what we’re aiming to do is to save as much money (chips) as possible. Here is why:

    • This is the most expensive position in No-Limit Holdem (every time you are seated in the BB you pay 1 Big Blind, a huge investment).

    新开sf传奇 • If you fold every single Big Blind you will be losing -100 big blinds per hundred hands

    新开sf传奇 • Your win rate in the big blind has the biggest impact on your overall win rate because of the previous points made

    新开sf传奇 This applies to both tournament and cash game players. How good you play in the Big Blind will determine how much money you will make in the long-term.

    Flatting Out of Big Blind

    Too many players in low-stakes games never defend the big blind. Too many players in high-stakes games defend their big blind too much. So, where is the sweet spot?

    There is no trick to playing well from the Big Blind. However, we all underestimate the power of exploitive play. After all, there is no way to exploit another player without being exploitable yourself.

    新开sf传奇 In order to save the most money in the Big Blind, you must employ exploitative play. Too many players get obsessed with GTO play that isn’t relevant to their stakes.

    新开sf传奇 You need to defend your big blind constantly in order to save it. As we previously discussed, if we always fold the BB our win rate will be -100bb/100 hands. Many players do not play hands from the big blind, which means they’re losing 70 or 80 big blinds per 100. That’s a lot of big blinds!

    However, there is a way to only lose 30 big blinds per 100 or even 20. Doesn’t that sound like a nice edge to have?

    In order to get these numbers you need to work on the following:

    Watch their stats. What statistics are important before you defend the BB? Pay attention to the following:

    • RFI (Raise First In, this shows how often the player raises preflop)

    新开sf传奇 • Flop Continuation Bet (Shows how often the player bet the flop as the aggressor)

    新开sf传奇 • Turn Continuation Bet(Shows how often the player bet turn after betting the flop)

    • River Bet (Similar to the Flop and Turn Continuation Bet statistics, just for river decisions)

    Also, eye their preflop raise. If it’s larger than 2.7X it’s really difficult to profitably defend. Yet, against a min-raise (which is the most popular raise size) you should be aiming to defend about 80% of the time.

    Playing Out of Position

    Most of the time when defending the Big Blind you will be out of position. These are strategies to consider:

    • Check/raise

    • Donk bet

    Players that we must target from the Big Blind are the ones with Raise First In 20% or more, Flop Continuation Bet 70% or more and low double/triple barrel statistics. Those are the easiest players to exploit. They raise with many hands and continue the flop with too many hands. This makes it hard for them to defend against a check/raise. Here is why:


    We can see that our opponent has top pair or better or a good draw only about a third of the time. If our opponent continues the flop majority of the time that means that he/she will not have a good enough hand to continue over 50% of the time.

    To apply maximum pressure, we must check/raise to the size of the pot. This play needs to work only 50% of the time. If they fold bottom pairs and Ace highs, they will be folding over 50% of the time. This makes our play profitable without any cards. If you have a draw or a backdoor draw, then the play needs to work less often due to added equity to the hand.

    新开sf传奇 Against players who open similar range preflop but have Flop Continuation Bet 50% or less, we must donk bet. These type of players will be checking too many flops and we will miss value. The hand combinations to consider:

    新开sf传奇 • Top pair hands that are likely to remain top pair on the turn or river (for example, A-Q on A72 flop)

    新开sf传奇 • Small sets/trips

    • Small flush

    • Two pairs (Top pair and bottom pair)

    新开sf传奇 • Flush draws

    新开sf传奇 • OESDs (when there is a flush draw on the flop)

    • Three to a straight flush (for example, Q-Jhh on Th3c6d)

    Defending When Short

    Most players undervalue the power of the short-stack. Hence why people overfold in the Big Blind. Being short-stacked in the Big Blind is an advantage. It’s very difficult to defend against a check/raise against a short-stack because they miss the flop 50-60% of the time.

    新开sf传奇 You must constantly defend the Big Blind against 2x raises. The best hands to have are the high cards, for example, K-4 off-suit. You cannot make a mistake post flop with K-4 off-suit when you flop a King with a 14x stack.

    新开sf传奇 CardRunnersEV is a great tool to find out if that is correct. Here is a calculation showing the Expected Value when defending the Big Blind with K-4 off-suit:


    In the scenario, we have given our opponent 20% raising range. We also assume that he/she is going to Continuation Bet the Flop with a top pair or better, draws, and some pure bluffs. We also assume that our opponent checks the flop with many second pair type hands. That is what most people do. Then for simplicity sake, we decide to check/raise all-in the flop with top pair or better or with a flush draw. Our opponent calls with top pair or better and good draws. We look at the first BB node and underneath where is says EV it shows +683 chips. This means that our play is profitable for over half of big blind. Remember if you fold preflop you lose 1 big blind. By making this play, you get back your mandatory big blind investment and earn another 0.68 big blinds on top. This is a huge boost to your overall win rate.

    新开sf传奇 I do recommend getting your own copy of CardrunnersEV and experiment with other calculations and see what other profitable lines you can find.

    The important things to take from this writing:

    新开sf传奇 • You need to defend your Big Blind constantly against small raises

    新开sf传奇 • Keep an eye on the statistics all the time

    • Target players with 20% or higher preflop raise frequency

    • Target players with high Continuation Bet frequencies

    • Defend when short-stacked (High cards are king!)

    I do recommend to do your own research on these areas. I have made my calculations, therefore, you need to do them as well. This is the way to learn how to become a better player.

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