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    新开sf传奇GGPoker is the flagship online poker room for the GG Network, which has been in operation since 2014 when it launched across Asia. Despite not being as well-known as more established brands such as PokerStars, partypoker, and 888poker to many western players, the GGNetwork is a major player in the online scene, with a heavy emphasis on the developing mobile market. The GGPoker software is supported across a range of languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French to name just a few.

    新开sf传奇With a team centered around the world’s most successful tournament player in history at the time of going to press, Bryn Kenney, there are also a number of Twitch players aligned with the GG brand, including top tier players, the ‘GG Stream Team’, who comprise of Darius Wajda, Torsten Brinkmann, Nils Boms, Tudor Stefan, Karlen Aladzjan and George Davidson.

    The ‘GG Grinders’ are battling it out to join the Stream Team and are a larger stable of focused players at a variety of levels who each offer something unique for fans and fellow players to follow. GGPoker is streamed every day on Twitch.

    新开sf传奇With a colorful poker client dedicated to bringing a fun element to the game, aligned with a highly competitive team of sponsored players and aspiring team members, GGPoker has a strong player base. Along with a huge range of tournaments, there is a catalog of promotions to attract players at various stages of their poker journey, from the hopeful newbie to the experienced professional.

    GGPoker offers cash games and tournaments in No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha as well as All-In or Fold and Rush & Cash (more on those less-familiar formats later).

    You can sign up to GGPoker today, and enjoy a wide range of games to suit your bankroll. Why not join in the action and see what it’s like for yourself?

    GGPoker Overview

    Launch Date2014
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    AvailabilityRest Of World (Not US)

    GGPoker Promo Code

    GGPoker’s First Deposit Bonus is spread across your first three deposits, meaning that you don’t have to put all the money you would potentially deposit onto the site in one go, but rather try before you buy for a lower deposit first. This is a nice feature that few sites have and gives the player the chance to make a more informed choice, rather than suffering from either putting too much onto a site they don’t then enjoy or putting too little onto a site they might benefit from a larger bonus from.

    This 200% ‘three-deposit’ bonus is valid for up to $500 (so you could receive $1,000 in bonus funds) and is released in $10 payouts. You’ve got 90 days from your first deposit of the three in which to grab that bonus cash, however, so make sure that if you do enjoy GGPoker, you put the money down that you’d like to earn bonus payments on but work to a schedule from that opening down payment.

    You can sign up to GGPoker and download their poker client across all the most popular poker platforms on computer and mobile. Begin your GGPoker experience !


    GGPoker can lay claim to being one of the ‘Big 5’ of online poker sites, with the numbers to back it up. There’s a healthy overall number of players on the site, and while this doesn’t currently include American players, the cash games and tournaments are busy enough to justify hope of continued growth once American players are able to use the site.

    With a current seven-day average of 1,450 players on site and a 24-hour peak during that period of 2,125, there’s very little spiking on GGPoker – you can rely on there being a good number of players online, even if the traffic isn’t eye-watering. With the expanded market across much of Asia, several time-zones are busy, and there are few ‘drop-off’ periods, which is backed up by the peak and average numbers being so close.

    While traffic may only be considered ‘very good’ right now, continued growth will lead to this improving, and the tournaments and bonuses in particular are likely to keep encouraging new players who do sign up to return.


    Every day, there is $40,000 guaranteed in the Main Events, which cost either $22, $33, $55 or $88 to enter, with the highest buy-in event having a $20,000 guarantee. As well as those Main Events, there is a good range of daily guaranteed tournaments, Blade Tournaments and Bounty Hunters tournament event to name four of over ten tournament schedules.

    新开sf传奇Blade tournaments are for higher rollers, with $10,000,000 guaranteed every single month on GGPoker. From $150 tournaments that run every day to weekly events like the $10,000 Sunday Major, Blade is a great part of any high roller’s online schedule.

    Bounty Hunter tournaments are fairly self-explanatory, with a bounty on each player’s head part of the prize pool on offer, however, on Sunday, these bounties are doubled in value, adding to the value of headhunting your way through a field on the busiest day of the week. Have no fear and get scalping!

    新开sf传奇Rush Cash is GGPoker’s equivalent of the ‘Zoom’ or ‘Fast Forward’ version of No Limit Hold’em, where players no longer have to wait around for the end of the hand to finish if they’re not in the pot. Clicking the ‘Rush’ button gives you your next chance to make cash as you’re randomly seated at a new table and instantly thrown into the action. The variant is excitement-based, and quick thrills are guaranteed in this format that is not for the feint-hearted but equally appeals to players who want to play poker without waiting around too much.

    All-In or Fold is an even quicker format as you begin with just eight big blinds and have the option of either folding your cards or putting all your chips in the middle… every single hand. This one is very much a game that is exclusive to GGPoker and is a fast, simple way to gamble on poker and experience the thrill of winning a big all-in throughout the tournament.

    As if the game itself wasn’t exciting enough, every time you’re all-in, you have the opportunity to win an instant cash prize in the All-In or Fold jackpot promotion.


    There are a great number of promotions on GGPoker at any one time, and to go into each one would be a disservice to the others in question. Plenty of these promotions are, as you might expect, available for a limited time only, but the most popular ones are going to stick around as the players’ participation dictates.

    新开sf传奇With current promotions such as the Drop Race, Treasure Chests, GGI Fridays and the Omaha Summer Special, GGPoker truly caters for a wide variety of players across all formats and with any amount of money to invest, from the recreational first-timer depositing $10 t the seasoned professional – who doesn’t mind playing without external HUDs – looking to get more rewards for their buck.


    Cash games run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on GGPoker, with Hold’em and Omaha games available. With a typical range of blinds being $0.05/$0.10 up to $10/20, a large range of different bankrolls are catered for very well.

    While there aren’t amazing numbers of players tackling each particular blind limits on offer, there’s enough to interest anyone, with a series of promotions appealing to those who are dedicated to climbing up the ranks.


    新开sf传奇Not only can you play on GGPoker, but you can also stake other players via the client, as well as selling your own action. This is very nicely presented, with slick graphics and an easy-to-understand model providing a nice way of spreading the variance if you and your friend(s) are tackling some tournaments in the same session. Very cool.


    Downloading GGPoker is incredibly quick and easy to do, in fact, if our own user experience is anything to go by, it’s the quickest out there. Not only is it very simple to negotiate the usual downloading and sign-up process, but there are also languages to choose from and navigational paths that are all very well explained. If we were showing a first-time player about poker, this is the site we’d want to be doing it on.

    Not only is the GGPoker web client easy to download on Windows and MacOS, but the Android and iOS versions are lightning fast too. It’s no exaggeration to say that GGPoker is very much designed for the ‘one-hand’ player who enjoys multi-tabling with a single thumb while they travel or socialize.

    新开sf传奇As we’ve mentioned, there are no external HUDs allowed, but the in-house poker tracker called PokerCraft is dedicated to helping you improve your game despite the prohibition of third-party tools and is extensive enough to help players of any level up to the professional ranks.


    新开sf传奇To date, VISA, Mastercard and Skrill are GGPoker’s methods of safe & secure banking options for your opening GGPoker method of deposit and, of course, withdrawal.


    There are a number of ways you can get in touch with GGPoker, with their Twitch channels all accommodating to community chat, and leading to their Discord, which is the fastest way of getting in touch. You can of course email and live help is available via the main website of , which is easily searchable for many of the common problems new players might face.


    新开sf传奇GGPoker is a busy community of poker players and after having only been in operation for five years, have grown organically to enjoy a diverse and thriving player base across the world.

    With some neat, unique features such as their own in-house poker player tracker yet no external HUDs, GGPoker is certainly attempting to grow purely from the player experience, and offer a reliable, comfortable lobby, table, and customer service set-up. Where GGPoker steps apart from many of its competitors is the large number of promotions available within the lobby of the client.

    新开sf传奇GGPoker makes no bones about entertaining you with flashing lights and neat graphics that are more akin to a casino brand than a poker site. But behind those lights and colors are some really innovative ideas that appeal to the recreational player and could see GGPoker grow past its closest rivals.

    Poker is highly enjoyable on GGPoker, and there are numerous rewards on offer to players who target themselves with achievable goals on a site that makes it great fun to play the game.